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Each investigation has its roots in information. HMRC gather their information from far and wide, they have amazing sources of information. Firstly they have your Tax Return of course and the details supplied by your business accounts, but they would not get very far on just these items. They have the electoral register so they know who lives where and who pays the rates. They also have information supplied to them regularly by banks, building societies, auctioneers and other institutions about various transactions.

The Internet has had a dramatic effect on our lives and HMRC has benefited from this too. For years our Intelligent Services have been able to scrape web pages to gain information and now a version of these skills have been passed on to HMRC. They can profile Tax payers and Companies and find excessive life styles,  open social medias have made it that much easier. They also receive tip-offs, every taxpayer has a well-wisher at some time, partners and ex-spouses who have privileged information and may decide to be a little malicious. Great weight might not be attributed to such information at first, but no doubt it will raise your profile and can lead to other areas of inquiry, which HMRC can find profitable.

We are experienced in providing cost-effective methods to ensure case closure, value for money and outstanding client service.

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Your Inspector will be looking for an early breakthrough;

Targets have been set and the Inspector will be looking for the most lucrative available, and make no mistake you are a target. Individual inspectors are judged by results, not by any elegantly conducted near misses, so pressure to succeed is strong, nothing speaks louder than results, and an inspector who fails to produce the goods will not advance. Their investigation has no doubt been moving along in the background for some time before you were sent the opening letter. 

They will also wish to ensure that you're sufficiently cash or asset rich to fund a settlement. They will be thinking in terms of monetary payment from these investigations. If you have no money there will be complications for HMRC in agreeing acceptable terms of a settlement. Our analysts will scrutinize your raw data, highlight crucial information and expose errors which may have been interrupted incorrectly. They will advise our negotiators, experts on Tax Investigation strategies to ensure that a coherent and effective presentation of your case is being pursued.

We understand the importance of tackling investigations at the earliest possible stage. Tax & Law consultants are at your disposal so you will receive the best possible advice from the onset of your investigation.

The Corona-virus Job Retention Scheme. The government through HMRC will be passing legislation shortly to allow HMRC to claw back funds, which have been wrongly claimed under this scheme. The complexity of the calculations will undoubtedly lead to errors with potential investigations to follow, no doubt HMRC will take the opportunity to look at all areas within the scope of a compliance check. Use our Controls and Prevention service for peace of mind.

We provide personal contacts, available at all hours, so that your concerns can be resolved swiftly and effectively. We’re able to work in association with individuals, businesses large and small, corporate giants and practitioners. Whether you are small or large you will receive the same service. From the moment of our engagement we will relieve you of the worry and stress and encourage you to concentrate on your business.


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