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This is where we start to redress the balance in favour of our clients. The resources available to us are second to none. Our expansive range of analysts and diagnostic tools are highly sought after within the city giving you, as potential clients, the necessary advantage that is so pivotal in succeeding against HMRC. We have vast databases that are able to access information from a wide variety of institutions which can then aid the effective construction and delivery of a successful defense. The tools and analytical equipment at our disposal gives us an arsenal of information that will prove the difference in the future of your business. One of our most important business attributes is our extensive and exceptional knowledge of the roles and rights of the tax-payer. Our experience in utilizing the unique, and often underestimated position of our clients. At Appleton Richardson we are aware of the position of you: the tax payer. With our service the necessary direction and advice to exploit that position is tailored specifically to your interests. We know what it takes to tackle investigations so that you need not worry. Investigations from HMRC can stretch back years, but with the aid of our Firm this does not need to instigate panic or disorganisation. We pride ourselves in addressing the most important issues and finding the solutions quickly and effectively. Any stress caused by investigations will be swiftly shouldered by our team of experienced analysts who relish the opportunity to help you succeed.


Surveillance Defence in Cases Involving Covert Tactics

we can tackle the issues arising from covert surveillance operations

Abuse of Process. The Human Rights Act 1998 incorporates the European Convention of Human Rights. Which means all public bodies must not act in an unlawful way which is incompatible with a citizen’s human rights. Therefore all our clients have human rights issues at stake. Our clients right to a fair trial (Article 6). The right to privacy (Article 8) These issues often come to the surface in the larger cases that we are involved in. The key is pro-active defence preparation at all stages – not a last minute rush. All such surveillance must be authorised and be justified. In our view, given the demands that the Human Rights Act places on the State or its agents it is important, in most cases, to demonstrate that the surveillance was lawful. In many cases the State can meet that challenge. In others they may wish to conceal important material from the defence. In these cases the issue of entrapment may arise. Disclosure of the defence case carefully done may produce enough ammunition to launch an abuse of process application. This is an area that causes our clients a great deal of concern and it is our speciality. With covert surveillance material there will be much in the way of observations, transcripts and telephone records which they have not revealed, because it does not support their case. Such material may however assist the defence case and it is now vital that a carefully prepared Defence disclosure Statement is prepared at an early stage setting out our reasons for a full disclosure. The principles that underpin all our case work preparation, and our particular expertise in this field, mean that we can tackle the issues arising from a covert surveillance operation.

Risk and Advisory Services

Prevention is always better than cure, effective guidance; internal control and risk management are increasingly in the spotlight. Banking disasters, high profile corporate failures and economic hard times have led to increased pressure to comply with accepted good practice. A proactive health check of your tax affairs whether you are an individual or a business, taking a positive approach and reviewing your affairs.


Will not only identify areas where you may be at risk but will also potentially help you spot opportunities. When carried out effectively, these key processes not only avert disaster but also do much to enhance your performance. That’s why the most successful and established businesses are those that manage risk, and internal control exceptionally well. Appleton Richardson and Co will recognise your exposure to Risk and advise on remedies.


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