Asset Tracing

Forensics is the ultimate in accountancy techniques & tactics.

Forensic accounting is accountancy that is suitable for legal review, offering the highest level of assurance, as Forensic accountants we anticipate that our findings or analysis may be subject to adversarial or judicial scrutiny, we active a level of evidentiary detail and analytical precision which will be sustainable within the legal framework. Our engagements within Forensic accountants are wide-ranging, and include transaction reconstruction and measurement; bankruptcy, matrimonial divorce, Forensic accountants assist in probate asset identification and valuation; falsifications and manipulations of accounts is the area for Forensic accountants that we treasurer along with accountability within the statutory audit and other environments. 

Engagements relating to civil disputes may fall into several categories as Forensic accountants we calculate and quantify losses and the economically damages, whether suffered through tort or breach of contract; disagreements relating to company acquisitions, and business valuations is an area were Forensic accountants help.  We often assist in professional negligence claims where we are assessing and commenting on the work of other professionals. Our forensic accountants are also increasingly playing more proactive risk reduction roles by designing and performing extended procedures as part of the statutory audit, acting as advisers to audit committees and assisting in investment analyst research.

We are one of the leading Tax Investigation firms in a niche market, and work tirelessly to preserve that first class reputation. 

  Electronic forensic evidence. 88% of fraud cases rely on electronic evidence to prove the case. The uncovering of data via the forensic department means it is now possible to recover hidden, deleted and undamaged data from personal computers, servers and back-up tapes. A forensic image process provides an exact copy of all data on-target computers without amending the underling data in any way. Capturing critical forensic evidence can provide a compelling litigation case, whether the client would like to prosecute or use it as a bargaining tool to recover finances. We are always here to discuss any matter informally and confidentially. The firm's investigation department complements the forensic department that is active in civil cases including Commercial fraud and theft. Our reports are independent and clear, we pride ourselves that they can be readily understood by non-accountants and assist when giving evidence at trial. We are highly professional and can work under time pressures with attention to detail which litigation work demands.


Asset Recovery

Our Asset Recovery department traces and recovers funds for clients who have suffered a financial loss. Within the last five years we have recovered thousands of pounds worth of hidden assets for our clients. We have experience of retrieving assets from Europe and Asia. We operate a flexible fee and are often able to work on a contingent basis. This means that we only charge expenses in the first instance, in cases where we make a recovery we charge our fees. Asset tracing – our approach Knowing the asset, location and likely recoverability is a key component of understanding the cost of pursuing a recovery action. Our team has years of asset tracing experience, using business intelligence, the insolvency process and forensic accounting techniques. We work with client’s legal teams to ensure that we identify and / or take control, of all available assets. We also identify those who may be liable for losses, so extending the recovery options for our clients. Appleton Richardson & Co makes sure the benefit is at the core of our analytical processes, and we strive to ensure that our strategies employed are financially beneficial and make commercial sense to our clients.

Operation Rize

The Metropolitan Police raids on safe deposit boxes at three London locations, has produced a succession of ever more sensational headlines since news of the story first broke at the beginning of June 2008. We have been engaged by several of the leading solicitors in our role as Forensic Accountants. In total, 6717 boxes have been opened and searched, over half of which had items inside. Officers recovered in excess of seventy million pounds, making the case one of the most important in recent times. Items fund in the boxes included; hand guns, ammunition, fraudulent passports, credit cards and cheque books, large amounts of gold, classical art work, jewellery and an extensive supply of drugs.

This is very much a landmark case in this area of investigation, with unprecedented methods and tactics being used by the authorities. The fact that our Firm was chosen to be involved in such a unique and legendary case speak volumes about the reputation and profile that are service and team holds.


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