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Tax Investigations by HMRC or NCA

We are Tax Investigation specialists continuously battling with HMRC and NAC on behalf of our clients so there are no conflicts of interest, just an unbridled desire to succeed and give a professional and efficient service. Our aim is to provide a specialist service to counter HM Revenue & Customs thought out your Tax Investigation with a dedicated representation available at all hours, to the client to survive an investigation.

Controls and Prevention (job retention scheme)

Prevention is always better than cure, effective corporate guidance; internal control and risk management are increasingly in the spotlight. A proactive health check of your tax affairs whether you are an individual or a business, taking a positive approach and reviewing your affairs. Will not only identify areas where you may be at risk but will also potentially help you spot opportunities. Appleton Richardson and Co will recognise your exposure to Risk and advise on remedies.

An Overview of the Tax investigation.

Analysing the Tax investigation to date making tactical suggestions, highlighting the Tax investigations strong points, which can be used in the negotiations. Assisting accountants, remaining tactically in reserve, or negotiating in the front line. Some accountants may not wish to be in the spotlight orally and would be more confident with an experienced negotiator to complement their Tax investigation team..

Risk and Advisory Services

We are specialists in preparation and presentation of contentious cases before the First-tier and second -tier Tribunals formally known as the General Commissioners Analysing business and personal accounts and all relevant information, researching, mounting a defence strategy. Negotiating to a satisfactory conclusion.

Tax Chamber of the first-tier Tribunal

Contentious cases come before the First-tier Tribunal, formally known as the General Commissioners. For appeals in the Basic category, the rules of giving evidence are traditionally informal. At the hearing of a Standard or Complex case, witnesses usually give evidence on oath or affirmation. After being examined by the accusing party, the witness may then be cross-examined by the other party, re-examined by you and potentially questioned by the Tribunal as well. Another aspect of our service which we pride ourselves on is ensuring that our clients are not over awed by the technical faculties of the law and have a clear and confident understanding of what needs to be done and how it can be achieved. HMRC may also, if it chooses, bring a witness. Hearings before the Tax Tribunals are normally open to the public. However, any party to the proceedings can ask for a hearing, or part of a hearing, to be held in private in certain circumstances. In most appeals the “burden of proof” is upon you. This means it is up to you to show why the disputed assessment, penalty or decision is wrong. In most Penalty Cases the burden of proof is on HMRC, who must satisfy the Tribunal that you were dishonest. The rights to apply for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal, correcting and setting aside a decision are also available to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

HMRC Tax Tribunals

This service involves analysing your current accounting practices. Highlighting areas of concern which may be construe in a different light under a Tax investigation, putting in place corrective measures for organisations that require an independent evaluation of processes and related controls. We advises management on the overall management controls, systems, data and risk management and traditional third party assurance. There are ever increasing tax challenges from increased regulation to surviving the tough economic conditions. Tax is one of the most important concerns and is driving demand for internal controls and solid financial reporting processes. As a leading tax practice we work with our clients, putting their issues at the heart of everything we do.


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